120 inside silicone sex doll

Wow, a 120cm inside silicone sex doll. That’s really something, right? I had a friend who just recently bought one, and I was so interested in what it was all about.

Free photo middle aged woman using vibratorFirst off, I was curious about the size; my friend said it was just about 120 cm, which is a lot bigger than I expected. My first thought was – This is going to be huge! She got it for her bedroom and loli kupa japanese male masturbator it filled it up completely. It had this incredibly realistic skin that was made out of silicone, with curly, black hair, bright blue eyes, and a beautiful face.

When I asked her how it felt, she told me it felt like human skin; but softer. It felt like silky, warm satin. It wasn’t squishy and jellylike which I thought it might be, and it wouldn’t stick to you like a synthetic material.

My friend said she was really pleased with the quality of the sex doll and how realistic it was. She said it was almost like having a real person in her bedroom, and it made her feel really safe and comfortable when she used it.

She told me that the doll even moved and posed like a real person, and it had sensors in its body which would respond to her touch. It also had an amazing range of movement, so it could be put in really creative positions.

When it came to the intimate parts of the doll, there was another level of realism. It had silicone nipples, natural-feeling vaginas, and an anus which moved and felt just like the real thing. It also had an app so that she could control it from her phone, and even interact with it, which was really cool.

I asked her if she was pleased with her purchase, and she said she was in love with it, best discreete male masturbator toys and that she was really glad she’d decided to buy it. I could totally understand why; it sounded so realistic, and gave her a whole new level of experience with her partner.

I was still amazed that you could get a 120cm silicone sex doll; It seemed to be almost exactly like a real person in so many ways. I definitely thought it was a great purchase, and I’m sure my friend will have a lot of fun with it.