are sex toys emoral

When my friends and I hang out, we inevitably start talking about sex: who’s doing it, how often, with who, etc. A few weeks ago, the topic of conversation went a step further when one of my friends suggested that we all should use sex toys. I have to admit, at first, I was skeptical. Are sex toys moral?

I had a lot of questions. Was it safe? Is it legal? Is it too weird or taboo to even talk about? My curiosity and moral compass was out of whack and despite my initial hesitance, I stayed curious and decided to do my research.

I went online and looked at reviews and stories, and what I found was interesting. I realized that sex toys aren’t just about pleasure; they can be used as tools of exploration, and even build strong intimate relationships. When used consensually and carefully, I saw that sex toys can lead to positive experiences and even bring couples closer together.

I also found out that these toys aren’t as taboo as I thought they were. In fact, it seemed that more and more couples are incorporating sex toys into their lives. Companies are even starting to employ sex educators, who are professionals working in this field. This gave me more confidence that maybe sex toys could indeed be a positive addition to our relationships.

Ultimately, I knew that the only way to really determine if sex toys were moral was to come to my own conclusion. I went back and looked at all of the research I had done, weighed the cons and pros, and came up with my own opinion. I concluded that as long as both parties are consenting and the use of the toy is within healthy limits, then yes, sex toys can be moral and contribute positively to our relationships.

Not everyone in my circle is on board with sex toys yet, but I’m happy that I took the time to do my research and come to my own conclusion. Sex toys – and all intimacy – should be seen as a path to positive experiences, connection and exploration rather than as something shameful or ‘wrong’.

Thinking back on it, I realized that positive talk and stories about sex toys can be useful. They can introduce people to something that might be seen as intimidating or scary, and provide an opportunity for those uncomfortable with the idea to explore – in a safe and moral environment.

I also started seeing sex toys as something that could enhance relationships rather than diminish them. Instead of adding to my worries of performance, I started to see sex toys as a welcome tool to explore new, boundaries, improve communication, and increase trust.

I did come across people who don’t believe that sex toys are moral, but I can’t argue with that. Everyone’s opinion is valid and sex dolls the best thing we can do is continue the discussion, ask questions, and encourage each other to make informed decisions.

I have realised that as an advocate, I should be careful to use terms such as ‘experimentation’, rather than ‘trying out’ when it comes to sex toys. This helps to reframe the conversation in a way that is productive and makes sex toys seem less intimidating.

I’ve come to understand that sex toys can have a place in relationships, and can sometimes be seen as a part of the process of exploring, connecting and growing with each other. Even if it doesn’t result in a hands-on trial and error experience with the toy itself, I think talking about it and being open to discussing the possibility can already go a long way in strengthening relationships.

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 14 Multi-speed, Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator, Purple 782421631918 | eBayBottom line: I believe that when used with caution and an open mind, sex toys can be a moral and positive addition to relationships. By introducing a non-judgmental dialogue about the subject, couples can learn more about each other and improve their overall connection.