best ways to warm up a tpe sex doll

My friend, I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the best ways to warm up a TPE sex doll are. Well, let me tell you, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Sure, some people may raise an eyebrow but there are some really great steps that you can take to ensure your doll is nice and warm before you use it. Here’s what I do…

Firstly, I always keep my doll in a warm and cosy spot. That way, when I go to take it out for use, it’s not a cold shock. To really feel the warmth of the doll, I sometimes cover it in a light blanket when it’s not in use. This helps keep its temperature up and ensures it’s nice and comfy for me when I use it.

Secondly, I use something called a warming wand. This is a device that looks a bit like a curling wand and is designed to heat up a doll so that it feels more realistic. You just attach it to the doll and let it work its magic. It takes just a few minutes and it’s honestly amazing; the difference in temperature immediately when you do this is just incredible.

Thirdly, I always take my time in the preparation stage. I’m sure you know that all dolls require some amount of preparation before use, so I like to take this time to really get my doll nice and toasty. I rub some scented warming oils all over the body, which helps to bring out that warmth even more.

Fourthly, I always remember to take a warm, sex dolls comforting bubble bath before use. Taking a bath helps you to relax and get into the right mindset, but it also helps to warm up your doll. You can even add a few drops of the oils you used before to the bathwater to really evoke some warmth.

Fifthly, I sometimes opt for a warming vibe. It’s just like a vibrator, Penis Rings but with the added benefit of warmth. I find that when I use a warming vibe, my sex doll temperatures up really nicely and I can really enjoy the experience with her.

Lastly, never forget the lube. Lube helps to make sex with the dolls even better, and using warming lube takes the experience to a whole new level. It helps make the doll feel just like the real thing.

I’m sure you can see why each of these steps are important in making sure that your sex doll is all nice and warm before use. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s really true; the difference in temperature really does make a difference. So, if you’re looking for the best way to warm up your TPE sex doll, I suggest following these moves and you’ll be sure to be happy with the results.