can you use paper towel as a sex sex dolls toy

“Hey, have you heard of people using paper towels as sex toys? I mean, when you’re home alone it can be a great option, and it feels really amazing on your skin. Well it all started one afternoon when I was feeling really naughty.

I was searching online for anything I could get my hands on to use for some naughty fun. I came across some places recommending paper towels, and I was like why not? So I got some from the kitchen cupboard, and I must say they worked incredibly well.

Paper towels felt really nice when I rubbed it on my body, but man, when I applied some lube it felt even better. I don’t think I’d ever felt such a pleasure – it was like an explosion of senses in my body!

Normally, paper towels are not meant to be used for more than one action, like cleaning or wiping something. But today, I used it as a lush toy and had a blast! I could control the intensity of the pressure, the size of the surface area, and the sensation it gave me was almost unbelievable.

And adding some imaginative elements stirred the delight even more! I just made all sorts of ideas up and persuaded the towels to do the deed for me! I swear when I was done I was on cloud nine and had the most satisfied feeling.

I think that it’s great to get some pleasure in unconventional ways – it’s exhilarating to do something out of the norm, and I’m sure that giving the paper towels a go is something everyone should experience. Although it might sound a bit strange, the outcome of using paper towels as a sex toy is worth it.”