Sex toys have always been an interesting topic of conversation. I recently bought one and I wanted to share my experience in regards to how they come in the mail. So, Penis Rings do sex toys come covered up in mail? The answer is yes, most of the time they come packaged in discreet boxes or bags.

When I ordered my sex toy, I was curious about how it was going to show up in the mail. I mean, it was a very personal piece of equipment, so surely it would be wrapped up in something? And it was! In fact, I think the packaging was kind of cute. It was a plain black box, dildos with my name on it and no recognizable logo. Inside, it was covered up in tissue paper and felt like a present!

I was relieved at seeing how it was covered up because I live with other people, so I was paranoid that something like this would just arrive at my doorstep and everyone would see it. Thankfully, the company I ordered from had clearly put a lot of thought into it.

Of course, by now, it’s obvious that sex toys come covered in the mail. They are all packaged to be as discreet as possible and it’s even more true if you order from a company that caters specifically to those products. No one wants to have to explain to their family members what is in the package when it arrives in the mail.

I also want to add that when you order sex toys online, most of the time they come with instructions. They don’t skimp out here either and typically give you detailed documents on how to use the product safely. Plus, there is usually a toll free number incase you have any further questions.

Another great thing about ordering sex toys online is that you can read lots of reviews from other people who have bought the same product. Reading their experiences can easily give you a lot of insight about the product and it’ll likely help you make an informed decision.

As a final thought, I would say maybe give it a try! Sex toys can be really fun and I think everyone should experience them in their own way. Lots of companies today have online stores and also offer discreet packaging, so there’s no need to be scared.

In my experience, ordering sex toys online has been pretty freeing. I love that I can browse online in peace, and pick up a product that has all of what I need without having to felt embarrassed in a physical store. I can pick out products, see reviews, get detailed instructions, and get them discreetly mailed to my door. That is so convenient!

No more worrying about scurrying through stores and fiddling with dodgy suppliers. No more worrying about running into acquaintances in the sex toy section at the store. I love the convenience of it all and it’s such a liberating way to shop for sex toys.

Plus, knowing that it arrives discreetly in the mail is also a big plus. It gives me the extra peace of mind that I know my neighbours won’t be talking about me. It makes the whole experience less stressful, and more enjoyable overall.