does publix sell sex toys

Hey friend, have you ever heard about the debate raging around Publix selling sex toys? I had to investigate it for myself as I’m sure you’re curious as well.

First off, it’s important to acknowledge that Publix is a grocery store, commonly found throughout Florida. It offers a variety of grocery items such as produce, meats, dairy and other various snacks, as well as being the go-to place to buy special gift items, decorations, and even some pet care items. Publix, dildos however, does not have an area specifically designated for “adult” items like sex toys.

Having said that, Publix did have a location in Tampa which featured an adult novelty section, which was stocked with some sex toys and other items. Unfortunately, this was shut down due to complaints from local customers who felt uncomfortable with the merchandise.

From what I’ve heard, these items were being sold in other parts of the store as well, but were hidden away in back sections. Some people even said that you would have to ask the store clerks for them. While this isn’t necessarily the normal way of selling items in-store, I can definitely see how they would want to keep these items away from minors.

Despite its brief foray into adult items, Publix is definitely not a place to go if you’re looking for sex toys specifically. Plus, vibrators when it comes buying items online, there are plenty of more convenient and discreet options available.

Overall, even though Publix isn’t a safe-space for adult items, it’s still a great place to get everything else you need (including a bit of naughty fun, if you know where to look). An interesting dilemma, don’t you think? What’s your opinion on the matter?