hd male masturbation

Having recently been shown the wonders of HD male masturbation, let me tell you about my own experience with it.​ Firstly, I’d always been the one for regular, ol’ fashioned masturbation.​ I’d get the job done and that was all she wrote.​ But when I changed to HD male masturbation, it was a whole different ball game.​ I could suddenly feel every sensation, every texture, and every nuance of pleasure.​ It was absolutely glorious.​

Second, I was most definitely hesitant at first.​ After all, I’m a fairly shy person.​ But I’d heard so many rave reviews about it that I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try.​ And wow, was I ever glad that I did! The pleasure was unimaginable and incredibly stimulating.​ I could feel like I never had before.​ Add to that the new and innovative techniques I could employ with this new form of pleasure and it blew my mind.​

Third, I had to learn how to use it correctly.​ There were guidelines to follow, tips to know, and etiquette to abide by.​ It was more than just stimulating pleasure, it was a whole new world with its own set of rules.​ I was often tempted to just let loose and go crazy, but I managed to control myself for the most part.​

Fourth, I had to be careful because of how intense the pleasure was.​ It was more than I’d ever felt.​ I had to take breaks often and make sure I paced myself or else the pleasure would be too overwhelming.​ It was hard, I won’t lie, but it paid off quite well in the end.​

Fifth, I had to experiment to find out what worked for me.​ Not every orgasm is the same, as I discovered, and I had to search and try different ways to maximize my pleasure.​ I had never explored my own body like that before, it was like self-discovery.​ It was strange but ultimately incredibly fulfilling.​

Sixth, I found a plethora of tools at my disposal.​ I used lubricant, vibrators, and all sorts of toys to help me reach the heights of pleasure – varied sleeves, different sized dildos, and more.​ And believe me, the sensations they create are mind-blowing.​

Seventh, it taught me patience and self-control.​ Managing the pleasure I felt took concentration, resilience, and a few tricks that I’ve now mastered.​ I’ve learned to prolong the pleasure I feel and to really savor it.​

I can honestly say, even though it was a bit challenging at times, that HD male masturbation really does live up to its reputation.​ The incredible pleasure and sensations were wide reaching and really quite thrilling.​ It was a whole new level of pleasure and I’m so glad I got to experience it first hand.​

Now, having been shown the wonders of HD male masturbation, I’ve had the privilege of exploring even more.​ The types of lubricants available today are vast, from water based to oil based lube.​ Wax and massage gels are now popular as well, offering new levels of intensity and stimulation.​

Furthermore, the study of masturbation has exploded in the last few years.​ The different techniques are dizzying and can provide hours of unique pleasure and exploration.​ From the simple “cock ring” to more advanced varieties of “toys”, the kinds of pleasurable tools now available are nothing short of amazing.​

A huge part of masturbation is the way it makes us feel, and let me tell you: it’s a special experience.​ I’ve found that attempting to find your personal G-spot takes some practice, and once that spot has been located it provides an intense, stimulative pleasure like no other.​

The variety of different kinds of masturbation tools has also opened up a world of possibilities.​ For example, the use of penis pumps and penis extenders increase the size and length of a penis, providing a great tool for longer duration and more intense pleasure.​ They can also add some extra pleasure for partners.​

Lastly, different areas outside of the genitals can make for some fantastic experiences too.​ The ability to stimulate the anus, or even using your mouth to provide pleasure is an experience within itself.​ The sensation that can be created with these forms of pleasure can be just as epic as using just a penis.​

Using different combinations and techniques to create your own personal experience is something I encourage everyone to try out.​ With just a related bit of patience and exploration, it’s possible to really tailor your own form of pleasure.​ And that, my friends, Penis Rings is the beauty of HD male masturbation.​