how long can you leave a silicon sex toy in

My best friend is always talking to me about her new sex toys and recently she asked me how long she can leave her silicon sex toy in. It is a question that I was not expecting, especially the fact that she is serious about getting the most out of her sex toy. I couldn’t help but offer some advice and after some research, I came up with some advice on how long a silicon sex toy can be left in.

One of the first things I learned was that the durability and quality of silicon sex toys varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why I recommend reading the instructions that come with the toy before using it. The instructions should provide a detailed guide on how long it can be left in, as well as any other safety precautions.

On the whole, however, silicones can be left in for up to one hour. This is the allotted time for a single session, regardless of whether the toy is used with lube, as the lube will accelerate wear-and-tear on the material. After an hour, I tell my friend to check on the toy to make sure it is still in good condition. If there are any strange odors, holes, vibrators or other physical damages it should be discarded.

One important thing to note when it comes to using a silicon sex toy is that water activities are not recommended. This means that leaving it in the bathtub or prolonging the use of the toy during water sports is not advised. This also applies to long term storage. If a toy is left in water or vibrators a wet environment for too long, the quality of the material can be compromised and render the toy useless.

Silicone toys can also be heated up or frozen to adjust the temperature during use for further sensations. I always make a point to ensure the temperature is not too hot or too cold to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

To make sure the silicon sex toy is maintained, the material should only be cleaned with warm water and soap. Cleaning it at least once a week will help to extend the lifespan of the toy. If the toy is sharing with anyone else it should be washed thoroughly after every use and dried carefully.

I do not see any harm in leaving a silicon sex toy in for up to one hour, if the instructions are followed and the toy is checked on after use. Should any damages be noted, it is advised to discard and replace it for safety reasons. Oh! and if you do spot something strange or severe damage, I always recommend refraining from using the toy to be safe.