how many dildos are sold each year

I have a question for you. How many dildos are sold each year? I’m not talking about the obvious gag gifts that people order during bachelorette parties. I’m talking about serious sales of these items for people who want to explore their sexuality.

That’s an interesting topic to me, so I decided to dig a bit deeper and find out the answer. Thanks to the internet, it wasn’t too hard to do a little research. What I discovered was that dildos, as well as their sister toys, vibrators, are selling like hotcakes!

It’s estimated that over 55 million dildos are sold worldwide each year. That works out to be about 108,000 per day! This number doesn’t even include the countless other sex toys that are available, such as vibrators, ben wa balls, anal beads, and all the other materials missing from the bedroom.

What’s even more interesting is that most of the dildos being sold are coming from online retailers, such as Lovehoney, Ann Summers, and Amazon. It’s even becoming more socially acceptable to purchase one or two for yourself – after all, it’s nothing more than self-care! Why not treat yourself and feel the joy of pleasure that comes from these devices?

But that’s not all! The technology behind the making of these sex toys has come a long way. For instance, you can now find dildos that are made from premium-grade materials, are designed to simulate human anatomy, and come equipped with a variety of features, such as speeds and intensities. This allows for a more delightful experience. It’s no wonder so many people are jumping on the bandwagon and filling their cabinets with dildos!

And if you’re worried that you might have a stigma about buying one for yourself, don’t be. Everyone, from housewives to porn stars, is enjoying their own personal pleasure time with dildos. It’s perfectly normal and doesn’t make you a “freak” or “weirdo”. So why not save up your pennies and treat yourself to the ultimate form of self-care, dildos!