how to use male masturbator with lube

Hi! Recently, I heard about this amazing toy called a male masturbator with lube.​ I couldn’t help but wonder – what’s the point? After doing some research, I realized that this device is a must-have for a hella pleasurable solo session.​ And I want to share this knowledge with you in case you were wondering too.​

So, while we’re on the topic, let’s start with the basics.​ A male masturbator with lube is basically a cylinder that you can slide over your Penis Rings for maximum stimulation.​ Using lube is highly recommended to make the experience more enjoyable.​ Now, lube is a must-have for solo-sex, because it helps reduce friction when you’re stroking your Penis Rings.​ If you’re using a plastic or a metal masturbator, make sure to use the lube that is specially designed for these types of toys.​

Once you have your lube and masturbator ready, the next step is to decide how you want to use it.​ You can either use it in circular motions or thrust the device back and forth.​ It all depends on your personal preference.​ I personally like to use the circular motion, as it helps my penis stay erect for longer.​ When you’ve found the right motion, try to remain consistent with it and keep a steady rhythm.​

Now, before using the masturbator with lube, you may want to give your penis a bit of warm-up massage with your hand.​ This will help make the experience more enjoyable.​ After you’re satisfied, start using the device.​ Make sure you apply enough lube to make the experience enjoyable.​ As you move the device back and forth or in circles, you should pay attention to how it feels on your penis.​ Feel free to experiment with different speeds and pressures.​

The last thing to remember is that it’s important to keep yourself relaxed when you use the masturbator for maximum pleasure.​ Find a comfortable position that works for you and make sure you take deep breaths.​ Once you’re relaxed, you can start playing with yourself.​ Think of something that turns you on and let your imagination take you away.​ Soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy the blissful sensations that the toy provides.​

When you’re ready to finish up, don’t forget to remove the masturbator with lube slowly and carefully.​ Leaving it on for too long can cause some discomfort and it won’t be as pleasurable as it could be.​

So if you decide to invest in this toy, remember to use it with lube and keep your sessions relaxed and enjoyable.​ With that said, I hope that I have answered your question and you feel confident enough to try out the male masturbator with lube.​

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of using this type of toy.​Using lube with the masturbator allows you to control the intensity of stimulation.​ If you’re looking for a more intense experience, you can add more lube to the equation.​ This will help you get the most out of every session, especially if you’re using the device for masturbating.​

Additionally, the lube will reduce the friction and make it easier to glide the device back and forth.​ This way you won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable friction that might cause irritation or pulling.​ Also, the lubricant ensures that the pleasure remains constant throughout your session.​

And finally, the lube will help your device last longer.​ Without lube, the material can get dry and the masturbator can become rough.​ This means you’ll need to replace it more often.​ With lube, however, you can keep your device in tip-top shape and enjoy it for longer.​ So it is indeed important to use lube for maximum pleasure.​

Apart from that, the type of lube you use matters just as much.​ I recommend using a good quality, water-based lubricant.​ It is safer to use and it can be easily washed off at the end of your session.​ Avoid using oil or silicone-based lubes, as these can damage the toy and cause unwanted irritation.​

Finally, let’s talk about the safety of using a male masturbator with lube.​ It is important to take proper precautions to ensure you don’t experience any uncomfortable sensations or irritation.​ Make sure to clean the toy before and after each use.​ This will help reduce the risk of infection or unpleasant odors.​ Also, avoid using artificial flavors or scents as these can cause a reaction.​

So there you have it – my take on using a male masturbator with lube.​ In summary, make sure you use a good quality lube, keep your sessions relaxed, and give your device some proper care to enjoy the most out of it.​