hwo created sex dolls

Sexual dolls have been around for centuries but have become more widely known and popular over the last 30 or so years. I have to admit, when I first heard about them, I was a bit taken aback. But after doing a bit of research, I discovered that there is actually more to these dolls than meets the eye. So, I wanted to share a bit of what I have learned so far about who created sex dolls and why there is an uptrend in their usage these days.

To me, it’s quite fascinating just how long sex dolls have been around for. It dates back to ancient Greece, when philosophers and priests residing in the area were depicted in pictures with engaging in intercourse with a little fabric covered figurine. A little later on, during the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, sex toys sex dolls had been discovered across Europe and parts of South America in various sizes and shapes made out of cloth or wood. So as you can see, sex dolls have a long history and the concept isn’t too recent.

Moving along, it was then back in the mid-to-late twentieth century that sex dolls started receiving attention in popular culture as companies began producing lifelike anatomically realistic dolls. It was in the 1980s and 1990s when the forerunners of modern day sex dolls took shape. The manufacturer that started the trend was the company Orient Industry, based in Japan. Though based in Japan, the dolls were shipped and sold across Europe, North America and other parts of the Western world as well.

These dolls created by Orient Industry set a precedent in the industry with their wholly innovative design and material. At the time, they employed a unique method that allowed the production of a highly realistic yet cost-effective doll. This doll had an outer skin layer that was soft and flexible, on top of which a layer of plastic was added for Penis Rings added realism. It was these dolls that launched the success of sex dolls as we know them today.

It was also Orient Industry who also destroyed the stigma and taboo perception of sex dolls when they pioneered in voicing out their opinion on their product as something more than just a sex toy. They projected the idea that these dolls can provide emotional and companionship support for the buyer. This idea further expanded when the company created their human companion series of dolls in 1995 which were built to mimic the characteristics of real human emotions. These dolls featured onboard data platforms, speech recognition and mechanical feedback to simulate actual conversation with a human.

It’s clear to me that Orient Industry and the technology they provided almost 30 years ago still stands as the gold-standard against with current sex doll technology is measured. Companies continue to innovate, but Orient Industry will always remain a pioneer in the industry.

Seeing this modernization and the various advancements sex dolls have gone through made me curious to explore the psychology behind this aptitude for humanlike dolls and the increasing number of people who wish to pursue an alternative relationship. It does not come as a surprise that people are attracted to sex dolls as many of their features are very much similar to humans. The perfect body figure, natural facial features, glamorous manes – these are just few of the basic features that draw people towards these dolls.

The human-like attributes that these dolls possess are another major factor that helps in boosting their popularity among people. Some of the manufacturers are even introducing features like facial recognition, AI technology, various realistic conversational modules, and voice control. Along with this, they are also taking it one step further by incorporating features in their dolls that can mimic human sounds of pleasure. This is a great move by the manufacturers, as it provides a more realistic experience to the users.

Get .5 Inch Thicker InstantlyExploring further on this topic, one can take into account the element of companionship as well. Many people today are feeling super lonely and disconnected from modern day society. These dolls offer a companionship to those who are devoid of one. Finally, I believe that the upswing in sex doll usage comes down to the fact that we live in an increasingly digitalized world and people now have the opportunity to avail themselves of realistic human-like companions without needing to actually interact with other humans.