I can’t tell you how liberating and freeing my experience with flash male masturbation was.​ I’ll never forget those feeling of power and control when my body started to move and feel aroused.​ As soon as I started to feel that warmth of pleasure, I just couldn’t stop.​ I wanted to explore further and feel what it felt like to have my own pleasure.​

My first session was really inexplicably magical.​ I felt like I was in a dreamland.​ My breathing was heavy as I started to move my body slow and steady.​ I felt my energy increasing and my mind wanting to explore deeper.​ I felt like I was floating as I started to look for sensations, being excitedly aware of what else my body could do.​

I experimented with different ways to explore my body with the right kind of sensation.​ I noticed that each touch seemed to have a different effect.​ I would pause and just feel the rush of pleasure throughout my body.​ My heart started racing and my breathing became more and more intense.​ I knew I was close to something important and special.​

When I started to explore the different levels of pleasure and arousal within my body, hot sparks of pleasure seemed to follow my fingers when I would caress and stroke.​ I felt my body coming alive and I felt that same warm sensation growing within me.​ I felt that I was connected to my body in a way that I hadn’t felt before.​

Eventually, I found the level of pleasure that I wanted to explore further.​ I was getting aroused and I could feel my body tensing.​ I felt a tingling sensation from the top of my head to the ends of my toes and vibrators I knew I was close to a powerful orgasm.​ I was completely and utterly lost within the moment.​

And as the pleasure kept intensifying, I felt a sudden rush of movement and my body started to spasm as I finally reached climax.​ I remember feeling like the most powerful being on the planet as I lay down in satisfaction.​ I felt like I could do anything.​ I can’t explain that feeling of empowerment that came with that climax.​ It was truly awesome.​

The experience really opened me up to pleasure and getting to know my body on a much deeper level.​ I felt much more connected and sex dolls aware of my body’s capacity for pleasure.​ Not only that, but I also felt a certain level of confidence that comes with self-knowledge and exploration.​ I was no longer scared or embarrassed to try something new.​

It also helped me to become much more appreciative of my own body because I could see how worked it was to give me pleasure.​ I started to really nurture my body and pay attention to what it was telling me.​ I learnt to really listen and be aware of what I needed.​

Since my experience with flash male masturbation, I’ve been much more open to trying new things and exploring different levels of pleasure.​ I almost feel like I’ve been given the key to unlocking all the amazing pleasure waiting for me to explore.​ I’ve found that I feel more in control and have a much better understanding of my own body and what it needs.​

The power of being able to explore the depths and heights of pleasure has been a truly incredible experience for me.​ Flash male masturbation has changed my life and I would highly recommend it to everyone looking to try something new.​