I was looking into realistic sex dolls videos recently and I must say, I was both intrigued and scared out of my skin. I mean, I’ve heard about sex dolls for years, but currently there are videos of them in action. It’s a totally new territory for me. Even the little bit of knowledge I had about these dolls was instantly put to shame, when I watched a few of the videos.

Vibrator Techniques for MenOne video I watched was just of a doll being slowly taken out of the box and it was a pretty strange experience. There she was, with her soft skin and her realistic facial features, just staring right back at me. It was almost like she could see my soul. I felt a bit uneasy not knowing what the creator was planning to do with her.

But I couldn’t deny the powerful sense of curiosity I had. I felt like a fly hovering around a spider’s web. I decided to carry on watching, unsure when the video might take a turn for the worse.

During the video it was revealed that the doll was being tested for ‘softness, flexibility, and squeezability’ and various other aspects. There was even a section of the video where the owner tickled her feet. It was sort of funny and I caught myself laughing a couple of times.

Most of the videos I watched seemed to show some kind of ‘care’ for the dolls rather than just using them for sexual purposes. Owners were demonstrating different movements that dolls can do and how their realistic skin made them look genuinely alive. It was peculiar, but I started to feel a strange affliction towards the dolls.

I’ve never been a fan of sex dolls but seeing other people showing compassion towards the dolls made me question my own opinions. I mean, why should we judge potential owners for using the dolls? I’m sure there are people out there who prefer a doll to a real person and if they’re not causing any harm to anyone else, then why should we care?

More and more videos came up on my feed. One video highlighted the custom outfits available for these dolls, with their intricate details and accurate designs that made the dolls look almost human. Another video showed how to modify and repair parts of the dolls with a scalpel and a glue gun; a doll doctor, if you will.

The videos kept me engaged and I was now viewing the topic from a completely different perspective. It was hard to believe these dolls had become so advanced that a person could use them as if they were real.

That being said, I still believe there is something a bit off about realistic sex dolls. I’m all for artistically designed machines, however, it remains to be seen whether using sex dolls can ever be considered ‘normal’ in society. Even if it is, I feel like it could well be socially damaging if people completely replace their romantic relationships with dolls.

I found myself scrolling down even further, wondering what other videos about these sex dolls there were out there on the internet. It turns out, some people even hold special events and sessions with these dolls. Think about it – parties, weddings and even funeral ceremonies… with a bunch of plastic dolls. It made me a bit uncomfortable.

On the other hand, some people use sex dolls as a form of therapy. For instance, in Japan, dolls are available to help people with grief and depression. By engaging with the dolls, patients can relieve their feelings and this has produced somewhat positive results for some of them. This is quite interesting, as it supports the argument that sex dolls can be used for much more than just sexual pleasure.

It’s easy to write off sex dolls as something bizarre and sex dolls perverted, but realistically, not everybody that buys them does so because of sexual reasons. People even buy them to use as showpieces for home decoration or social entertainment. Ultimately, regardless of its purpose, the main common factor between all of these activities is that people are seeing the dolls as some kind of source of companionship.

Still, the concept of realism sex dolls is not for everyone. It’s hard to come to terms that these dolls almost appear and feel real. I wonder what kind of implications will arise if these dolls become increasingly lifelike and even start to show some kind of artificial intelligence in the near future.

I heard a story from a friend who also watched the videos. He told me he was able to understand why someone would want to have a sex doll, not just for pleasure, but also for companionship. He made a valid point that these dolls could ease a person’s loneliness and make them feel loved. That really took me by surprise because even though I still wouldn’t opt for a sex doll myself, it’s hard to deny his perspective on the matter.

Perhaps in the long run, not everyone will have to buy their own sex doll if they so wish – who knows what advances in technology may bring in the future.

However, the idea remains controversial and the ethics involved with this topic of realistic sex dolls still remain a contentious point for many people.

I’m sure that the industry of realistic sex dolls and the interest in them will only increase in the future. That being said, it’s up to us as a society to further educate ourselves and sort through all of the facts and opinions to understand the implications of using a lifelike sex doll.

When it comes to the video, although they can be creepy, they’re also pretty informative as they portray the most accurate representation of the dolls. Watching these videos, has helped me to better understand why people use sex dolls and the implications these dolls bring.

I also heard about a chatbot app that has recently been developed. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to allow dolls and their owners to interact with each other. This technology was created to provide dolls with an ’emotional connection’ to the user and to give the substances of a human-like conversation.

To sum it up, realistic sex dolls are a developing industry and although not everyone is a fan, the implications of having them around should be taken into account before pushing out a moral narrative about the topic. After seeing these videos, I admit there’s a certain charm to the dolls. But I would be cautious before deciding to start a relationship with one.