It all started a couple of months ago, when my friend Emma mentioned buying a naked sex doll. I was, quite frankly, bemused. A naked sex doll? It was not something I ever thought I would be discussing but, then again, it seemed to me that everyone has their own unique fetishes and kinks. I knew my friend explored a few of them herself, and that this was something she was really keen on trying.

At first, I was a little hesitant. It seemed so, well, weird. I mean, dildos a literal rubber doll? Even if it was anatomically accurate, it was still a big jump for me. But then curiosity got the better of me and I really wanted to learn more. I thought I should try to understand more about these dolls and why other people were so fascinated by them.

Apart from the physical resemblance, I was surprised to learn that manufacturers had embraced technology to make these dolls come to life. From being able to open and close its eyes to the way it moved and wriggled, it truly felt like it was alive. It was such a bizarre feeling, and yet I felt intrigued by the idea of it.

The idea of owning a naked sex doll – which let’s face it, has been the topic of many a joke – no longer seemed so ridiculous to me. It was something that held actual value and that had an identity – yes, I know how it sounds but these dolls really do have their own characters.

Next, I was interested in understanding more about the ethical side of owning a naked sex doll. Clearly, it was realistic enough to blur the lines a little and this made me feel a bit uncomfortable. But then I realised that, by raising awareness and understanding about how to treat sex dolls in an ethical manner, I could help to dispel some of these issues.

What I found when I delved deeper into the subject was that these emotional sex dolls were designed to create a safe, intimate space for people. They allow us to explore our desires and fantasies without fear of judgement or pressure. This is something that is incredibly empowering and liberating for those who feel inhibited from exploring their sexuality in ‘real life’.

I find it a bit strange, but it’s true what they say: never judge a book by its cover. I knew I had to consider sex dolls differently, and I discovered that there was a lot more to them than what first met the eye. I’ve found out that they can be a great platform to explore and express ourselves – and that’s truly liberating.

The next time Emma and I discussed the topic, I was no longer bemused. Actually, I was looking forward to exploring something that seemed so mysterious and intriguing. We started learning more about how to make sure these dolls were treated ethically and it made me realise that although they can be used for sexual purposes, they can also be used in different ways.

Emma even told me about how you can purchase them for purely aesthetic purposes. People can dress them up and put them in different positions – giving them a personality and giving them a sense of character. I found that it had the potential to give someone a form of companionship that could be very comforting and relieving.

And then there were the different possibilities of how the dolls could be used for sexual purposes. While this was more complex, as it involves a much more personal level of interaction, the possibilities were still intriguing. Having done some research, I understand the psychology behind why people are so attracted to sex dolls, both for companionship and for sexual purposes.

I know it may still sound a bit strange, but I was quite taken by the idea of naked sex dolls. I think it’s incredible how technology has enabled us to explore our kinks and desires in an open, safe environment. It’s not something we should be ashamed of and, if anything, it’s something we should be encouraged to explore further.