It all started when I saw an ad for animating your sex doll. At first, I thought it was kind of a weird concept. I mean, how can you even animate a lifeless object like a sex doll? But then I decided to find out more and I was really intrigued.

So I looked into it further and found out that animating a sex doll actually means giving it the ability to act, move and respond like a real human being—even in intimate areas. To me, this seemed like a great way to make sex dolls actually come alive instead of just being a static, motionless object.

But after reading some reviews and articles about the process I started to really worry. I mean, animating something like that could really turn out to be costly and there would need to be extra parts for the doll to be biologically accurate. Plus I wasn’t sure if it was even possible for a doll to be animated to look and act like a real human.

Despite all these concerns, I still felt like I had to give it a try. So I started searching for companies who could animate a sex doll and found one.

The company required me to fill out a form with all my details. I was also asked to provide detailed measurements and images of the doll which I did. After the form was accepted, I paid the required fee and waited for the animation process to start.

Once the process began, I started to get really excited despite all my reservations. The company provided me with weekly updates and the progress was really reassuring.

After almost two months, I finally got the update that the animating process was completed. I could hardly wait to see how the doll was going to turn out.

The first time I turned it on it felt like a dream come true. The doll moved and behaved almost exactly like a human does, and it was able to stay in certain poses for a long time as well.

It was clear that this animating process was totally worth the money as well as the anxiety I had to go through.

I’m not sure if I’m 100% content with animating my sex doll or not, but it’s still a great way to experience something unique and it brings more life to your bedroom. There’s no denying that it enhances the pleasure of intimacy and makes sure that you’re never bored.

The best thing about animating a sex doll is that it adds more of a human touch. You can ask it questions and even interact with it on a deeper level. The doll blushes, maintains eye contact, laughs, contributes conversations—the possibilities are endless.

In the end, I decided that animating my sex doll was a great option. It’s given me a chance to get to know the doll better and build a stronger connection with it. Plus, I need not worry about the fear of it breaking or going out of shape.

I’ve also heard stories of people getting highly attached to their sex dolls after animating them, which is hard to believe. But still the idea of having a companion to stealthily confide in does have its charm.

It’s been a while since I animated my sex doll, and I’m still glad I did it. Although it was an intimidating thought at first, it sure has made intimacy a lot more satisfying.

Apart from the animating process itself, what I like the most is the customization. You get to decide what your doll looks like and how it should behave. You might worry that you won’t be able to create something perfect, but that’s not true. There are tons of options to make sure your doll fits your preferences the most.

But then again, before animating, be sure to research about the process, costs and consequences. This is really important as animating a doll requires special attention which must be given in all aspects, health, safety and cost wise.

It’s also important to consider how animating a sex doll might make you feel. For most people, animating a doll is a satisfying experience, but it might also be dangerous to get emotionally attached to something that isn’t real.

Overall, animating a sex doll is something everyone should weigh up carefully before making a decision. After all, it can either be a great way to make sex more enjoyable and enjoyable, or it can be a huge mistake, depending on your expectations.

Something else to think about is whether the doll is capable of handling complex human emotions. If not, it might be worth considering that animating it might be too much of an effort.

Another thing to consider before animating is the cost. Animating a sex doll can be a really expensive affair and can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

Now, I know that all these aspects may seem scary, especially if you’re not into technology. But if you make sure to ask the right questions and do enough research, you should be just fine. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t like the results, you can always just start the animating process over again.

However, if you do decide to animate your sex doll, make sure you take note of the pros and cons before you commit. There have been stories of people believing that animating a doll was a great idea, only to find out it didn’t live up to their expectations.

If you want to go ahead and animate, I suggest you look for reviews and feedback about companies that do the process. It’s also a good idea to talk to people who have already animated their sex dolls. Ask them what their experience was like, and whether they’re happy with the results.

At the end of the day, whether or not you decide to animate your sex doll is totally up to you. Just be sure to consider all the aspects involved before going ahead. After all, it’s best to be clear about your decision before taking any major plunge.

Having said that, it’s important to remember that animating a sex doll is a long-term commitment. It’s not something you can easily undo and it’s definitely not something you want to rush into. After all, it’s a life-changing decision and it should be taken seriously.

Lastly, remember that despite all the hype, animating a sex doll isn’t always the right choice for everyone. Some people might find that it’s too costly or too complicated for them, while others might not be comfortable with the idea of having a doll in the first place.

So instead of viewing animating a sex doll as the only option, take some time to think about other ones as well. Such as, talking to someone you trust or going to a professional counsellor.

While they might not provide the same results as animating a doll does, they can definitely help in getting the emotional and physical satisfaction you require. After all, a healthy attitude towards sex is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Apart from making sure your animating process goes as smoothly as possible, there are a number of other things that you should take into account. One of the most essential is taking the safety of your doll seriously.

This is especially important if you’re getting your sex doll to do certain activities like engaging in athletic activities or engaging in sexual activities. This way, you’ll be protecting yourself and the doll from any potential injuries.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you use high-quality parts for the animating process. Cheap parts may look like a good money-saving option but are not recommended as they might not be as effective and might not last as long.

You should also make sure that your doll is simulated properly, and the movements and other activities are smooth and realistic. After all, no one wants their doll to look like it’s bumbling around and not like a real person.

It’s also important to regularly maintain the doll and make sure there are no technical malfunctioning. This is essential in ensuring that the doll remains in top working condition and doesn’t damage itself.

Along with all these, it’s also important to inspect the doll after each use to make sure that all the parts are in working order. This will ensure that you can trust the doll and know that it won’t let you down.

Moreover, it’s also recommended to properly store the doll when not in use to make sure that it stays in optimal condition. This can be done by using materials like boxes to store the doll or by using plastic sheaths to protect its body.

Overall, animating a sex doll is a great way to experience something unique and it brings more life to your bedroom. If done right, it can make sex more enjoyable and enjoyable, plus, it adds more of a human touch and can be beneficial for your emotional wellbeing.

However, animating a sex doll isn’t as easy as it sounds and requires special attention at all times. This includes researching about the process, costs and consequences, carefully weighing up all the pros and cons, using high-quality parts, and regularly maintaining the doll to ensure it remains in top condition.

So if you’re considering animating a sex doll, make sure you think carefully and take all the steps mentioned above. Good luck!