It has been a little while since the conversation about sex doll skin dryness came up, and yet it still feels so raw. I’m personally not a fan of this particular conversation, but it’s an important topic to discuss regardless.

The 5 Best Vibrators of 2023 | Reviews by WirecutterFirst off, let me start by saying that while sex dolls can be a great way to engage in pleasure with a partner, they can also be a little tricky to deal with. To start, the skin on the sex doll can be dry, so it can become uncomfortable during use. I remember once when I was just starting out with my first sex doll, I soon became frustrated with the dry skin and the lack of lubrication.

I quickly saw the effects of it. As someone who took care of the doll regularly, I noticed the skin becoming more and more dehydrated. This made the skin feeling uncomfortable during the most intimate of moments. I even developed a few rashes and blotches due to the dry condition.

I tried my best to overcome this issue in the best way possible. I started using the dolls with a water-based lube and found that to be the best. It really helps to bring moisture back into the skin, which immediately made the toy more pleasurable to use.

What I also noticed was that the lube had the added benefit of making the skin even softer. There is nothing quite like the feeling of soft skin when it comes to these types of products. With the lube, the skin felt great to the touch too, which was a huge plus.

After a few weeks of using the lube, I noticed that the dryness of the skin completely disappeared. So, if you are struggling with getting sex doll skin dryness, vibrators I highly recommend using a water-based lube to bring back moisture. Doing this will make the toy much more enjoyable and comfortable to use.

In addition to using a lube, I would also recommend moisturizing with a gentle body lotion. This helps to add both moisture and nutrients to the skin, which can help to keep it in much better condition. Do not put too much as it can make the skin sticky, but a little bit around two to three times a day should do the trick.

I have also found that zinc and vitamin E oil are great for keeping the skin hydrated as well. These are both natural oils which, when mixed with a few drops of water, can help to restore moisture to the doll’s skin. When applied, it can draw a lot of hydration back to the skin so that it is more comfortable to use.

These are just some basic tips and tricks that I have learned over the years to keep sex doll skin dry. Healthy skin is the key to an enjoyable experience, so don’t be afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to looking after your toy. Add some extra lubricant and oil into your routine and you should be good to go.