its always sunny dennis sex doll

I’ve been hearing so much about this Dennis sex doll lately. It’s actually a thing, and sex toys it’s supposed to be modelled after the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” character, Dennis Reynolds. It sure does look like him! I’ll be honest, when I first saw it I was in a weird place. It’s wild to see something like that in real life. I mean, it’s kind of spooky, the way it looks so much like him.

I’m not sure why this sex doll is being released in the first place, or who would even buy it. I can understand why it might be appealing to fans of the show. It’s like having a piece of memorabilia that not many other people have. But then, I’m not sure if people would be so eager to buy a life-size plastic version of Dennis, given his character’s history of unethical behavior.

I’ve known some people who are actually fans of the show and they’re all split on the subject. Some find it funny and cool that there’s a Dennis sex doll on the market. Others are obviously not so stoked about it. Personally, I think it’s kind of fascinating, in a way. I mean, we don’t really have a lot of Dennis fan-merchandise out there, so this is a unique opportunity to own something that his fans would love.

VibratorsBut come on: who would actually buy a full-sized plastic replica of their favorite fictional character to use as a sex doll? I mean, a 3D printed action figure might be cool, dildos but there’s got to be some robots out there that would offer a better experience than the “real thing”. Then again, it could just be a one-offthing and nobody will ever buy one.

Anyway, the controversy hasn’t really dimmed interest in this doll, as I’m sure the creators were counting on. It seems like everyone is just kind of ignoring the issue, which is probably for the best. At this point, it’s easy to laugh it off and just enjoy the weirdness of the internet. I know I will.