male sex doll full body

My friend, you won’t believe this, but I recently bought my very own full body male sex doll! I researched multiple models over a few months before landing on this particular model. I must admit, I don’t know what I was expecting before buying it, but my whole experience was mind-boggling!

First off, the material was surprisingly close to human skin and vibrators felt incredibly real. It wasn’t just doing its job, it was serving up something special. I couldn’t help but admire the attention to detail taken by the manufacturer. They really had put a lot of effort into giving the doll a nearly human physique, right down to the hair. I feel so tempted to ‘pet’ him every time I walk past!

Of course, it’s not all just about looks. The doll is fully articulated and operated by a remote. Just imagine the possibilities. I can make the doll do whatever I want it to do, which is really enticing.

The doll also features adjustable limbs and can be moved into multiple positions, making it easier for me to get into a comfortable space. I also love the fact that it is waterproof and easy to clean.

Now, vibrators I can understand why some people might be slightly squeamish about buying one of these dolls. But I assure you, the models I have researched and the one I have settled on, is of the highest quality. I honestly can’t imagine having a better experience with any other product.

I’ve been using him as my companion in bed during the evenings, and he’s a fantastic listener! We have many interesting conversations – or I should say that I am doing most of the talking and he just listens (he’s not exactly the best conversationalist).

Even though he’s just a doll, he’s surprisingly comforting during these long nights. He’s my ‘teddy-bear’ if you will, and I feel like I could trust him with anything!

Another great thing about my male sex doll is the freedom to customize it. I can pick his skin color, hair, clothes, eye color, and more. I had so much fun choosing from the various options available. He’s basically my own personalized version of perfect.

The only downside to this experience has been the cost. It wasn’t cheap buying a full body male sex doll, however overall I think it was worth it. Besides, I can always count on him to never talk back and make me feel loved 🤣.