missouri sex toy doll laws

Wow, this topic definitely got my attention. So I researched a bit and let me tell you what I found. When it comes to sex dolls in Missouri, the law is a bit complicated. It all depends on what you mean when you say “sex doll”. Legally, it’s considered anything that is “intended to provide sexual pleasure or stimulation”. So if your talking about a blow-up doll, then yes, you’ll have to answer to the law. But if you are talking about a life-like mannequin – a true ‘doll’ – then that’s a different story.

The fact is, buying a life-like doll in Missouri is legal. The state doesn’t have any laws or restrictions on it. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules you have to follow. For starters, you can’t purchase a doll for any other reason than a hobby or display. You’re not supposed to use these dolls for any type of sexual activity. Which makes sense, if you think about it.

Child sex doll an obscene item, judge rules - BBC NewsIt’s also really important to remember that there are age restrictions on sex toys in Missouri. If you’re a consumer, you have to be 18 years or older to buy any kind of sex toy. That includes dolls and all other sex toys. So just make sure to always double check that everyone involved is of legal age.

Now here’s something really interesting – dealers in Missouri are actually allowed to sell dolls that are meant to be used for sexual activities. But there’s a catch. They have to be licensed. So it’s important to remember to always buy your dolls from a licensed dealer. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also the safest.

One thing that I always tell my friends is, if you’re going to buy a doll, don’t forget to do your homework. Do some research and make sure you know what type of doll you’re buying. There’s a lot of different types out there and some of them come with specific instructions on how to use it and clean it. So it’s important to be cautious.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sexual activities with dolls are still considered illegal in Missouri. So if someone catches you, you can still be charged with a crime – especially if the doll is under age. So always be smart and be safe.

As you can see, the laws in Missouri regarding sex dolls can be a bit confusing. But if you follow the rules, it’s still perfectly legal to own one. As long as you use common sense and remain aware of the laws, you should be all right.

But it doesn’t stop there. The law also affects where you can place the doll. In Missouri, it’s not legal to leave the sex doll in a place where it can be seen, like on the street or in a public place. You need to keep it inside your home and not show it off in public. Of course, this goes for all sex toys – not just dolls.

It’s also important to remember that you can’t share or lend your sex doll to someone else. It’s not a toy to be shared or loaned out. That’s against the law. And the same goes for if you own a business – you can’t legally rent out sex dolls.

All these laws and regulations can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s important to do your homework and be informed. So just make sure to always keep up with the laws and regulations in Missouri and you’ll be all set.

In the end, owning a sex doll in Missouri is perfectly legal if you follow the rules. Just keep in mind that it’s a personal thing and needs to be kept private. Never forget to use common sense and respect the law and you’ll be fine. Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of the Missouri sex toy doll laws.