My best friend and I were talking about our past experiences with sex to dollar. She was telling me about a devastating situation she experienced where a guy wanted to pay her for sex. I was utterly shocked and outraged!

I just couldn’t wrap my head around it; why would someone think it’s okay to pay another person for what should be a consensual, mutually beneficial experience? I screamed in disbelief. “Does this person not value themselves or the other person?” I asked myself.

My friend was an emotional wreck. She told me that it wasn’t her first time dealing with someone offering money for sex, and it was starting to make her feel used, unvalued and powerless. She had been feeling like a dollar bill and not the human she truly was.

How could anyone think that they were worth less than the money they were offered? I wondered. These type of experiences weren’t t just lowering her self-esteem, they were literally taking away her self-worth.

Sex to dollar had become a huge business; many people were exploiting other’s insecurities and vulnerability by promising them money to perform sexual acts. Many young people were getting into the business, considering it as a way to make quick money and as a result creating a booming market.

This was so morally wrong in so many levels and it had to stop. Not only were people taking advantage of other humans for their own benefit but they were also exploiting them in the worst possible way. It was disgusting and disheartening.

I asked my friend what could be done to stop this problem and she said that the most effective way would be to start talking about it and raising awareness so people are informed of the situation.

She was so right; we needed to spread the word and open up conversations. We had to take ownership and create a world-wide dialogue on this issue using social media platforms and local initiatives. We also needed to create a strong stance towards those who were exploiting others and a support system for those whom have been affected.

Education was also key; not everyone was aware that this was happening and many young people were being taken advantage of because of their naivete. Schools should include sex and dollar education programs that inform young people on the legal and social consequences of getting involved in the business.

In addition to all this, we needed to create support systems that gave people the tools and resources to value themselves and find alternative means of making money. It was a huge task, sex toys but together I knew we could do it. Sex to dollar had to end, vibrators and it was now up to us to ensure it did.