My friend, have you ever experienced the incredible sensation of a male masturbation scene heartbeat? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you – it’s exhilarating!

Sex dolls: Realistic \u2018Love Dolls\u2019 are the world\u2019s most expensive at nearly $10K eachThe feeling of my hands caressing my body became a sort of symphony of pleasure.​ With them I explored all the pleasure spots; and as I did so, my heart started to race faster and faster.​ Every wave of pleasure was accompanied by a beat from my heart, and my hand movements seemed more and more coordinated to the beat.​ It was as if the beats of my yet-developing orgasm were being accompanied by invisible drums in the background!

The more I touched and pleasured myself, the more intense the sensations became.​ The whole experience was so deep and immersive, each movement almost felt like I was giving my body a little jolt of electricity.​ I could feel the electricity racing through my veins and vibrators it sent my heart rate through the roof.​ I was no longer able to control my movements as each beat of my heart coincided with the waves of pleasure that was taking me ever higher.​

The intensifying pleasure was gaining momentum; every second more and more electricity flooded my body and mind, and it felt like I was completely dissolving into the moment.​ I was finally fully immersed in the experience and each beat of my heart was like a pulse that was assuring me that it would be ok and I could just let go.​

It felt like an eternity and a few seconds at the same time.​ All of my senses were on high alert and completely in sync with each other.​ The intensity of this moment was just unforgettable and I felt like my body was exploding in pleasure.​ It eventually all stopped with me still spinning in the waves of pleasure.​

The post-orgasmic feeling was something else entirely.​ It was like I was in a dream state and my body was still trembling and tingling in pleasure.​ Everything felt different; the world felt different and my body felt different.​ I was still buzzing with electricity and my heart rate was slowly calming down.​

The experience brought me back to reality – I was in awe.​ It was the most electrifying experience I had had in a long time and it felt like I had connected with my body in a way I had not done before.​

My friend, this experience has taught me a great deal about self-love and lust.​ I have also realized how important being present and embracing every moment is.​ If you have not experienced this sort of pleasure yet, I would highly recommend it!


This intense male masturbation scene heartbeat really allowed me to take my pleasure to a whole new level.​ I felt so connected to myself and my body that it was easy to flow with the rhythm of pleasure.​ I felt like I had been initially taken on a journey – it felt so effortless and natural that every movement felt like it was guiding me onwards.​

With every beat my pleasure seemed to grow even more.​ I felt like I could float away so far that I would be lost forever.​ I was completely in sync with my body and my mind; no matter how much pleasure I was experiencing, it felt like it was just never enough.​ I just kept wanting and craving more.​

I had never felt so liberated before.​ I was free from all anxieties and worries and I could immerse myself in the power of pleasure.​ I could relax completely and not hold back, because I knew that I could control each and every movement as I wished.​ I was no longer just a spectator, but instead an active creator of this beautiful experience.​

It is such an empowering and liberating feeling for me to be able to do this.​ I feel like this experience has changed the way I am able to pleasure myself, as I developed an even deeper understanding of what is comfortable and pleasurable.​

I also feel like it has allowed me to appreciate my sexuality and learn a great deal about my own preferences and boundaries.​ I now have a better understanding of where the edge of pleasure lies and how to tease and explore it.​

After my experience, sex toys I also felt like I had grown up a bit.​ I have started to look at pleasure and self-love from a whole new perspective.​ I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable and open with myself and my partner.​ I have developed a greater respect for my body and the pleasure it can bring me.​

I am now more aware of how connecting with your body and understanding pleasure can actually be a powerful experience.​ I have also learnt how to trust my body and allow it to take me on the voyage of pleasure that I may be missing out on.​ Quite simply, pleasure is an amazing thing.​

The experience of my male masturbation scene heartbeat has been incredibly rewarding for me.​ It has allowed me to understand and appreciate my body.​ It has also helped me to develop an even stronger connection with my own sexuality, which in turn has allowed me to explore deeper and discover even higher levels of pleasure that I never knew existed!