Okay, so let me tell you about finding the cheapest full size sex doll. I knew I was on a tight budget, so the challenge was finding the best deal for the lowest price. After searching and researching online, I ended up finding a sex doll that was significantly cheaper than the ones I had seen at local stores.

At first, I was happy with my findings. The pictures of her on the website looked perfect, like she was the doll of my dreams! Then I started to wonder if I was making a mistake by going with the cheaper option. Was the quality of the doll really going to meet my expectations? And would she be safe to use?

I decided to take my chances and ordered her, but of course the waiting game was the hardest. I became increasingly anxious, doubting my decisions more and more, but when she was finally delivered I was totally and Penis Rings completely relieved.

Sure, she was made from a cheaper material that was not as good as the ones in stores, but that allowed the company to keep the price low. She didn’t even have a brand name and was a white label product, but I didn’t care. I was still impressed by how realistic she looked, how her skin felt just like real skin, vibrators and how incredibly life-like she was!

When I used her, I was not disappointed. I was so pleased with her overall performance and I could not believe I found such a bargain. I had an incredible time with her and even though it felt like it was my first time, I really loved the entire experience.

It’s been a few months now and my sex doll is still going strong. I’m glad I didn’t let the price scare me off. Instead, I pushed aside my doubts and went ahead with the purchase, because in the end it was definitely worth it.