Bathmate Hydroxtreme9 Xtreme Penis Pump & Enlargement System


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Bathmate Hydroxtreme9 Xtreme Penis Pump & Enlargement System

One of the most effective pumps on the market, the Bathmate Hydroxtreme9 lets you control your progress through the premium handball pump. The measuring gauge allows you to see your gains as you pump, while the upgraded comfort pad maximizes suction.

This complete enhancement kit includes the hydraulic pump itself, including 15.5” hose with connector; a soft comfort pad; a measuring gauge; a shower strap; water-based lubricant; a carrying case; a security lock; a complete user guide; and more.

The Bathmate Hydromax9 is ideal for use in the shower or bath; the valve lets you eject water from the pump to maintain optimal pressure.

Hydroxtreme water-pressurized pumps offer 250 times more suction than a standard air pump, so we recommend this product to the experienced user only! Bathmate advises using the Hydroxtreme9 for 15 minutes per session to achieve stronger, larger erections.

This largest Hydroxtreme pump is intended for anyone with a pre-pumping length of 7 to 9 inches, and a girth of up to 7.5 inches circumference.

  • Premium hydraulic penis pump
  • 35% more suction than previous Bathmate pumps
  • 250x the strength of a standard air-pressure pump
  • Increase length and girth with regular pumping
  • Handball plus measuring gauge for extra control
  • Soft, upgraded comfort pads
  • Easy one-click release valve locks hose into place
  • Kit includes storage case & security lock
  • Perfect for shower or bath

Dimensions: Fits penises between 7” and 9” length, and up to 7.5” circumference, pre-pumping.

Available in Crystal Clear.


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