Bloom Intimate Body Pump with Suction & Vibration


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Bloom Intimate Body Pump with Suction & Vibration

Pumping increases blood flow for new sensation, and the Bloom Intimate Body Pump’s 4 attachments are the perfect way to explore. Scroll through 7 vibration functions plus 7 automatic suction functions to find just your speed, or up the intensity more and more.

Switch between 4 “heads” with a soft silicone rim: made for vulva, nipple, and clitoris. Create a seal, and the Intimate Body Pump may even be used hands-free.

This automatic pump includes an instant air release button for safety. It’s USB rechargeable and water-resistant (not submersible) for simple cleaning in the sink.

  • Automatic pump with attachments for clit, nipple, and vulva
  • 7 vibration functions + 7 suction functions, independently controllable
  • Explore increased sensation
  • Easy-to-interchange attachments
  • 49 total function combos
  • Soft silicone around each attachment, for comfort
  • Create a seal & play hands-free
  • Curved to fit the vulva easily
  • 1 attachment for clit, 1 for nipple, 2 sizes for vulva pumping
  • Convenient storage pouch
  • Water-resistant
  • USB rechargeable


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