Blush Temptasia Bling Cuffs Sparkly Handcuffs


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Blush Temptasia Bling Cuffs Sparkly Handcuffs

Temptasia Bling Cuffs bring dazzling style to your bondage play! These sexy, jeweled cuffs are adjustable to fit most wrists. Their stainless steel is durable to ensure the wearer stays bound—but they also include a safety release lever and two working keys, for a quick release whenever needed. Embellished with faux diamonds, Temptasia Bling Cuffs are luxurious yet affordable.

  • Strong, stainless-steel handcuffs

  • Adjustable for your comfort

  • Adorned with sparkly faux diamonds

  • Safety release lever

  • Two keys so you always have a spare

Dimensions: Fits 5.5” to 8” circumference wrists; 3” outer diameter for each cuff; 11” total cuff length


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