CalExotics One Way Valve Douche


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CalExotics One Way Valve Douche

The One Way Valve Douche by CalExotics is a safe, easy cleanup solution. Made of body-safe materials, it’s perfect for cleansing the rectum prior to anal sex, butt plugging, dildo use, or prostate play. The large bulb fills with up to 15 ounces of water, and the one-way valve prevents ingress of fluids back into the bulb.

Insert the nozzle approximately 2 inches inside the rectum, then easily control water flow by squeezing the silicone bulb. The One Way Valve Douche enema bulb can be separated and fully washed before and after use.

  • Body-safe enema bulb douche
  • One-way valve prevents backflow
  • Slim tip is easy to insert
  • Perfect for cleaner anal play, anytime
  • Hygienic silicone bulb
  • Squeeze bulb to squirt water in
  • 15.5 ounce fluid capacity
  • ABS plastic tip


Bulb: 6 inches length; 3.5 inches width

Tip: 5.75 inches length; 1 inch width

Note: The One Way Valve Douche has an internal ball bearing mechanism. During transit, its ball bearing may become pressurized. If you cannot squeeze the bulb, simply tap the tip of your douche on a hard surface in a gentle fashion to dislodge the ball-bearing. This should allow the system to work properly.


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