Doxy Ribbed Aluminum Butt Plug


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Doxy Ribbed Aluminum Butt Plug

Sleekly polished, the Doxy Ribbed Aluminum Butt Plug offers a classic tapered shape with a twist—ridges to better stimulate the anal canal. Machined by Doxy in Cornwall, England, Doxy aluminum plugs are polished by hand. They’re then packaged in a special “scaffold” tube, made of the same body-safe metal. 

This textured plug is perfect for adding sensation any time: its extra weight will never let you forget you’re plugged. Or add vibration: putting a strong wand vibe next to the Doxy plug’s base turns it into a power-packed experience! 

  • Polished metal butt plug
  • Ribbed for more feeling at the anal opening
  • Slick and weighty
  • Temperature play: Warm or cool for new sensations
  • Machined and hand-polished by Doxy in the UK
  • Includes a matching metal storage tube
  • 100% pure aluminum
  • Tapered for easy insertion 

Dimensions: 4.13” circumference (≈ 1.3” diameter); 1.37” base diameter; 2.75” insertable length


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