Fun Factory Battery+ Hybrid Kit – 2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries and Charging Cable


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The Fun Factory Hybrid Kit contains two (2) rechargeable, AAA batteries and a Click n’ Charge cable.  Together, these items may be used with any of the Fun Factory toys in the Battery+ line – just plug in the rechargeable batteries, and recharge them while they are inside of the toy.  No need to remove the batteries or struggle to find a charger !  


  • Contains one Click n’ Charge Cable and Two (2) Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Compatible with any Fun Factory Battery+ 

Why is the Fun Factory Battery+ line unique?

Every Battery+ toy offers flexibility power options because they can be operated using:

1.) Regular batteries;

2.) Rechargeable batteries; or

3.) Fun Factory’s proprietary Hybrid Kit with a “Click ‘n Charge” cable that allows you to charge batteries while they remain inside the toy – just like a rechargeable vibe.  The Click ‘n Charge cable transforms Battery+ toys into hybrid power, orgasm machines !  

The Fun Factory Hybrid Kit, which comes with two (2) rechargeable batteries, allows you to:

• save money on batteries;

• reduce landfill waste; and 

• simplify the whole rechargeable battery process – no more hunting for chargers or batteries.  

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