G squeeze™ Bundle: 3-Pack Vaginal Plugs by SquarePegToys® + FREE Lube & Toy Cleaner!



G squeeze™ Bundle: 3 Sizes of Vaginal Plug by SquarePegToys® Plus FREE Lube & Cleaner!

The G squeeze™ Bundle contains 3 different sizes of vaginal plug, plus complimentary Intimate Earth lubricant and toy cleaner!

Contoured for multi-point vaginal stimulation, the G squeeze™ by SquarePegToys is shaped to fill ‘er up. SuperSoft, squeezable silicone makes G squeeze™ perfect for comfortable wear during the day, or a filling stretch during play time. It’s carefully designed to fit inside the vagina, with a shorter length, versatile curve, and ergonomic anchor base.

This wearable dildo / vaginal plug can be worn discreetly, inserted to enhance clitoral stimulation or foreplay, or thrust in and out like a normal dildo.

Each G squeeze™ Bundle includes one each of size small, medium, and large plug. This makes it perfect for sizing up to a fuller feeling, or for experimenting with different widths and different ways to play with the G squeeze™. Every SquarePegToys vagina plug is made of squishy SuperSoft silicone.

All SquarePegToys® are handcrafted in the USA from 100% US-sourced platinum silicone. The brand has been a pioneer in safe silicone toys since 1997.

The G squeeze™ Bundle comes with free Intimate Earth water-based lubricant and toy cleanser. Intimate Earth’s Hydra glide is 100% naturally derived, glycerin- and paraben-free. This vegan lubricant is formulated with a blend of organic extracts. Aloe plus lemongrass and goji extracts help condition and nourish your skin, while providing a slick feel. Hydra is non-tacky and safe with any sex toy. 

“Green” Toy Cleaner spray is free of alcohol and triclosan. It contains anti-microbial guava bark, tea tree oil, and lavendar oil to kill germs living on the toy’s surface. Wash your toys with soap and water after spraying with Green Toy Cleaner. 

G squeeze features:

  • SuperSoft vaginal plug
  • Squishy, squeezable silicone
  • Reversible: Scooped bulb can sit 2 different ways
  • Contoured for fuller vaginal stimulation, from opening to cervix
  • Perfect for comfortable wear
  • Can enhance clitoral play
  • Short length to fit easier
  • 4 sizes in different thicknesses: your choice!
  • Flexible to conform naturally with the vagina
  • Anchor base sits between the labia
  • Beautiful metallic colors shimmer
  • 100% platinum-grade silicone, sourced in the US
  • Crafted & handmade in the United States

Hydra lube features:

  • Water-based lubricant
  • Contains organic extracts, plant cellulose, and aloe
  • Non-sticky and slippery feel
  • Free of glycerin, parabens, & propylene glycol
  • 2 oz. flip-top bottle
  • Compatible with any sex toy

Green Cleaner features:

  • Toy cleaner with natural ingredients
  • Triclosan-free & alcohol-free
  • Can be used with all toy materials
  • Convenient spray bottle


Small: 5.2 inch maximum bulb circumference; 4.7 inches bulb circumference when squeezed; 3.5 inch neck circumference; 5.2 inches height (total length)

Medium: 6.3 inch maximum bulb circumference; 5.3 inches bulb circumference when squeezed; 3.5 inch neck circumference; 5.5 inches height (total length)

Large: 6.7 inch maximum bulb circumference; 5.8 inches bulb circumference when squeezed; 4.5 inch neck circumference; 5.4 inches height (total length)

Available in Ultra Violet or Pink Sugar plugs.

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