Glyde Maxi Large Condoms, Fair Trade & Vegan


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Glyde Maxi Large Condoms, Fair Trade & Vegan

Glyde Maxi Condoms are ethically sourced, made of fair-trade natural latex rubber and certified vegan. Glyde Maxi is also the largest FDA-approved condom! Made of silky-smooth latex, Maxi’s longer length and greater width are designed for couples who need some extra room in their condom.

Glyde’s proprietary latex is plant-based and sustainable. Thin and low-odor, Glyde Maxi condoms are electronically tested to exceed safety standards. They contain no harmful ingredients. They’re also lightly prelubricated for comfort and easier application.

  • Fair-trade, vegan, FDA-approved condoms
  • Made of silky smooth, low-odor latex
  • Wider and longer than standard condoms
  • Electronically tested to exceed global safety standards
  • Very thin, but strong condom walls
  • “Double dipping” technology for more strength without more condom thickness
  • Non-GMO, fair-trade natural latex rubber is plant-based and sustainable
  • Lightly lubricated
  • No risky ingredients
  • Certified by the Vegan Society

Dimensions: 56mm width (measured internally); 205mm length; 0.06mm condom thickness

Available in 12-packs.


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