Gold Digger Set, 3-Pack Metal Anal Beads



Gold Digger Metal Anal Beads, Set of 3

Metal anal beads deliver lots of feeling! The Gold Digger Set of 3 Anal Beads lets you size up gradually from the small beginner strand.

The firm metal remains rigid with pressure, making it easier to insert. Once you’re warmed up, move the popping beads in and out for intense sensation!

Gold Digger Kit’s anal beads are make of nonporous aluminum, with a black plastic gem. Super-smooth and sleek, this anal bead set is a simple way to up your anal game — while adding more intense pressure from the rippling beads. 

The aluminum body is firm but lightweight, making it easy to thrust by hand. Gold Digger Beads have a flared base, so they’re safe to sit on too. 

Waterproof and simple to wipe down, each Gold Digger strand arrives carefully packaged, in a matching velvet storage pouch. 

For even more sensation: Run under lukewarm water, or chill in the freezer, to try out temperature play. Metal takes heat and coolness well!

  • Set of 3 metal beaded plugs
  • Super-slick, firm aluminum
  • Intense sensation when removed
  • 3 incremental sizes
  • Perfect for sizing up
  • Black cut faux-gemstone bases
  • Nonporous and easy to wipe down
  • Warm up for temperature play
  • Light-weight
  • Flared bases for plugging


Small: 1.25 inches maximum diameter (base); 4.14 inches total length; ≈0.8 inch insertable diameter

Medium: 1.37 inches maximum diameter (base); 4.6 inches total length; ≈0.95 inch insertable diameter

Large: 1.57 inches maximum diameter (base); 5.3 inches total length; ≈1.1 inches insertable diameter


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