Kegelbell Weighted Kegel Training System


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Kegelbell Weighted Kegel Training System

An FDA-registered device, the Kegelbell Weighted Training System is guaranteed to deliver results within weeks. Stronger pelvic floor muscles allow for better urinary control, easier postpartum recovery, more sensation during sex, and stronger orgasms.

The Kegelbell System includes two insertable bulbs (small and large sizes), from which the user hangs their preferred weight. The set includes weights between 30 and 250 grams, progressing upward in 30-gram increments: a total of 16 difficulty levels! Customize your training regimen to meet your individual needs, and move up in weight at your own pace.

Kegelbell recommends using your training kit for 5 minutes at a time, 3 times a week, for the first 2 weeks to begin to feel results. The kit includes a full instruction manual to help you achieve maximum Kegel strength.

  • Complete, FDA-registered Kegel training collection
  • Includes 2 insertable bulbs and 3 sets of weights
  • Improve control, recover or increase vaginal strength, & enhance sensation
  • Medical-grade silicone bulbs plus silicone-coated weights
  • Customize your training routine with different weight amounts
  • From 30g to 250g weights, for 16 difficulty levels
  • 2-week challenge with guaranteed results
  • Intended for short-term workouts, so you spend less time training
  • Complete instruction guide and storage bag included


Small insertable bulb: 30mm/30g

Large insertable bulb: 35mm/40g


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