kGoal Smart App Connected Kegel Trainer by Minna


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The kGoal takes kegel exercising to the next level. This truly “smart” sex toy device is an interactive pelvic floor strength training system for women. The free app (which works on both iOS and Android) provides real-time biofeedback, and offers users a unique combination of guidance, tracking, feedback and games to improve pelvic floor strength.

The kGoal adapts to a woman’s body (you can inflate / deflate it) for maximum comfort thanks to its squeezable pillow section that has a vent to adjust size.

  • Materials: Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 1.45 inches; Height: 3.65 inches
  • Color: Sky blue
  • Includes: kGoal Kegel Trainer, Charging Cord & Storage Pouch


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