Kimono MicroThin Textured Condoms


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Kimono MicroThin Textured Condoms

Kimono Textured Condoms combine thinness with a dual texture design. Row after row of raised Sensi-Dots and ribs for her pleasure! Extra textures on an exceptionally thin condom add new tingling and exciting feelings for both partners.

Kimono Textured Condoms combine the silky premium latex of classic Kimono Condoms with a variety of raised pleasure nubs and ribs, as well as a unique green hue. These textured condoms add even more pleasure to safe sex, allowing the male partner to feel every sensual movement while satisfying his partner with a newly-textured erection.

Kimono MicroThin condoms exceed US and international Standards for strength and reliability! Pre-lubricated for comfort, these reliable condoms unite proprietary Japanese engineering and premium latex.

  • Thin latex condoms with textured dots and ribs
  • Ultra-strong and reliable
  • Dual-textured design to add new sensations
  • Japanese engineering + premium latex
  • Pre-lubricated with silicone lube for comfort
  • Low-latex smell
  • Average sizing fits most penises
  • Vegan-friendly

Dimensions: 52mm width; 190mm length; 0.065mm condom thickness

Available in 3-packs.


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