Leather Hog Tie


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Leather Hog Tie  

Hog tie is a classic way to restrain your lover. A great bondage shortcut, the hogtie restraint enables the dominant to quickly put the willing submissive at their mercy by affixing two ankle cuffs to two wrist cuffs. Made of real leather, this durable bondage tool features four thick leather straps permanently to a central O ring with silver tone studs. Each strap ends in a snap hook, which can be easily attached and unattached with one hand to keep the scene flowing smoothly. Hog ties can be used behind the back or in front of the submissive.

Available in Black 

Sturdy, thick leather with 4 rotatable crab-claw hooks. 

Material: Leather 

Dimensions : 3 inches each connector. 11″ from tip to tip 

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