MaleEdge Basic Penis Extender Kit


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This is MaleEdge’s entry level penis enlarger. The manufacturer guarantees that your penis size will increase when you follow the program.  When using the Male Edge Penis Enlarger you decide which results in penis enlargement you want to achieve.

So what is penis traction?

Penis traction is a safe and painless technique that results in permanent penis enlargement. In many cases, men using the Male Edge penis enlarger can increase the length of their penis by as much as 2 or 3 inches (read more about the results of penis enlargement with the Male Edge penis enlarger).

Traction works by applying a consistent stretch to the shaft of the penis. This causes tissue cells to divide and multiply – a well-known process called cytokinesis. As time passes, this results in new tissue growth throughout the penis, making you visibly longer and thicker in a matter of weeks or months.

While the internet is full of websites promoting penis enlargement options, only traction-based penis enlargers like the Male Edge can offer guaranteed results like this.

The best thing about traction is that it harnesses your body’s natural growth potential. In other words, it doesn’t ask your body to do anything it hasn’t done before.

The increase in penile size depends on the total amount of hours you wear the device. You can yourself decide whether to wear it 6 hours a day for 90 days or 3 hours a day for 180 hours – the penis enlargement result will be the same.  The principle of “penis traction” is based on natural cell division, which means that the growth you gain is 100 % permanent. When using MaleEgde, your penis size will not only increase when your penis is flaccid. You will also discover that your penis is significantly bigger with an erection.  Try the “penis-o-meter” on the Planet Earth manufacturer website to predict your results.  


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