Midnight Lace Paddle by Sportsheets


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Midnight Lace Paddle by Sportsheets

For another level of playful romance, this gorgeous, lightweight, 12-inch long paddle is wrapped with soft and inviting black lace.

Materials: polyurethane, polyester, fiberglass, nylon, Spandex.

Includes: One (1) 12-inch paddle.

“Midnight” is a line of products designed by Sportsheets to evoke “sexy sophistication,” at an accessible price.  Shop the Midnight collection of coordinating items here.

“The ‘B’ in ‘BDSM’ stands for Bondage, which is the act of tying your partner up for sexual pleasure. Bondage can be a whole lot of fun if you know what you’re doing, but it can also be very dangerous.”

Want to learn more about Bondage Safety 101? Check out blogger Rayne’s Bondage Safety 101 post on our blog.


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