Mind, Body, & Soul Game for Couples


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Mind, Body, & Soul Game for Couples

Players achieve enlightenment by playing Mind, Body & Soul. As you move around the game board, you and your partner ask each other questions designed to open up your chakras. There are 20 questions per card and two sets of cards per the seven chakras for a total of 240 chakra healing questions. Players win by aligning all 7 of their chakras and their partner provides an intimate reward to align the sacral and heart chakras.  Questions are gender-neutral, so this game works for ANY couple.

A Game Board, 2 Root Chakra Question Cards, 2 Sacral Chakra Question Cards, 2 Solar Plexus Chakra Question Cards, 2 Heart Chakra Question Cards, 2 Throat Chakra Question Cards, 2 Third Eye Chakra Question Cards, 2 Crown Chakra Question Cards, 14 Chakra Coins, 2 Game Markers, a Die & Game Rules


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