Mystim Barry Bite E-Stim Nipple Clamps



These bi-polar electro-conductive body clamps have the ability to create a tingly, sensation at nipples, lips and various other erogenous body zones. Due to the fact that every clamp is bi-polar always only the tissue in between of the two halfs of the clamp is being aroused. This means that you can safely stimulate both nipples at the same time, without any danger of leading electricity through the heart. Thanks to the small screw you can adjust Barry to live up to his name and bite you, or if you prefer him to gently tease you instead. Moreover the gold contacts of Barry Bite enable an especially intense and continuous stimulation. 

These nipple clamps must be used with a power box, such as the Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electric Stimulation Kit, in order to generate electricity. 


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