Naughty Gift Set by Je Joue


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The Naughty Gift Set by Je Joue includes a deep, rumbly vibrator; a massage candle; a sex card game; and satin restraints!

Save 20% on this collection of sexy surprises:

The Je Joue Mimi Vibrator (worth $95) offers 5 vibration speeds x 7 vibration patterns. It can be a rumbly clitoral vibrator, or place it in your palm and rub your partner’s body. This powerful vibe is waterproof and USB rechargeable. This Je Joue Mimi is in limited-edition black + rose gold.

The Je Joue Luxury Massage Candle (worth $25) combines a traditional aphrodisiac with sweet Mandarin Orange. Let the candle burn for 15 minutes until a pool of wax has formed. Then, apply its no-burn formula directly to skin with your fingers; or, for the more sensitive, let cool for 2 minutes and then apply. The wax cools instantly when applied to your skin. 

The Satin Blindfold and Restraints (worth $15) are sensual BDSM. The blindfold lets the wearer focus on touch and the words they hear; while the silky restraints will let you tie them up and explore dominance and submission. 

The Truth or Dare Card Game (worth $15) is an intimate exploration, like no Truth or Dare you’ve played before. Find new pleasure points and discover your partner’s interests more deeply in Dare; and their dreams, ideas, and opinions in Truth. 

  • Couples gift set of 4 intimate items
  • Deep, rumbly vibrator
  • No-burn aphrodisiac massage candle
  • Satin blindfold and bondage ties
  • Truth or Dare sexy exploration card game
  • Elegant packaging
  • Save 20% on total items’ cost


Mimi vibrator: 5 inches circumference; 3.5 inches length

Massage Candle: 160g weight; Ingredients: Natural soy bean wax & natural essential oils (benzyl salicylate, linalool, dipentene)

Blindfold & Restraint: 59 inches length x 3.14 inches width


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