Olivia’s Boudoir Bubble Bath


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Olivia’s Boudoir Bubble Bath – 10 oz.

Transform your bathtime into a spa experience with Olivia’s Boudoir Bubble Bath. These all-natural, premium bath blends help keep your skin supple and moisturized, no matter how long you soak in the tub. Olivia’s Boudoir Bubble Bath contains milk, aloe, and other soothing, sensual ingredients for the ultimate sensual experience.  

  • Luxury bubble bath containing milk and aloe
  • Exotic, all-natural fragrances
  • Leaves skin supple and lightly fragranced
  • Beautifully painted glass bottles

Available in the following fragrances: 

  • French Vanilla 
  • Passion Flower (peach blossoms, jasmine, and cherry blossoms)
  • Rose Petals
  • Celestial Water (earthy sea spray and ocean breeze)
  • Caribbean Mist (tropical mango and coconut)
  • Pink Cashmere (amber, jasmine, musk, and sandalwood)

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