Oxballs Balls-T Ball Stretcher


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Oxballs Balls-T Ball Stretcher 

The Balls-T Ball Stretcher by Oxballs is specially designed for comfort. One of the best-fitting ball stretchers out there, the Balls-T wraps around your scrotum and blends in with your skin, for increased stamina and enhanced sensation. Excellent as a first ball stretcher, the Balls-T’s silicone is stretchy and squishy, easy to clean, and won’t degrade with time and wear. Tight enough to push your balls down but not slip off easily, the Balls-T is just the right thickness. 

  • Soft, stretchy platinum silicone
  • Mimics the feel of skin
  • Designed for comfortable extended wear
  • Easy to clean and fully sanitizable

Dimensions: 1.1” inside diameter; 2” outside diameter; 1.1” height

Available in Blueballs or Black

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