Oxballs Bell Moreskin Foreskin Set


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Oxballs Bell Moreskin Foreskin Set

Oxballs Bell is a Moreskin Foreskin Set, complete with 2 sizes of silicone cover. Made to create an uncut look, each Bell Moreskin is extra-soft, fleshy, and will blend with your package. It’s the best Moreskin choice for anyone with a larger “mushroom”-shaped head. All Oxballs Moreskin Foreskins are ergonomically designed for comfort and long-term wear.

Please read the directions below on selecting the right Moreskin size. Oxballs says this is one time where it does not pay to be a size queen: If you’re between sizes, go for the smaller one. Each set comes with two sizes of Bell Moreskin.

When worn regularly, Oxballs Moreskins may increase natural lubrication and penis head sensitivity.

Note that the Oxballs Moreskins are not designed for use during penetration.

  • Faux foreskins, set of 2 sizes
  • 100% pure platinum silicone
  • Squishy, fleshy, and very flexible
  • Perfect for long-term wear
  • 3 packs of 2 different sizes: measure for best fit
  • Made for penises with proportionally large heads
  • May increase natural penile lubrication
  • Made in the USA


Regular (Small + Medium Set) = Up to 3.75 inches circumference

Large (Medium + Large Set) = Up to 4.75 inches circ.

Huge (Large + XL Set) = 4.75 inches circ. and up

Available in light, medium, and dark colors.

How to Measure:

  1. Take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around your dick right behind the head (take one measurement while soft, one measurement sportin’ a stiffy).
  2. Then, using a ruler, measure the length of the string.
  3. Choose the set that best matches your largest measurement.

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