Oxballs Bubbles Silicone Nipple Suckers


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Oxballs Bubbles Silicone Nipple Suckers – Choice of 2 Sizes

Nipple suckers that actually suck! Oxballs Bubbles are silicone suckers that tug on and stick to the nipples. Safe for long-term contact against the skin and non-irritating, Bubbles are made by Oxballs in California. Their pure platinum silicone features “bubble” textures outside, so that you can keep a firm hold when applying both Bubbles suckers—even if your hands are slippery and lubed-up. All Bubbles have a wide lip for better suction. Bubbles Max size create the strongest vacuum seal. 

Nipple suckers make your nipples more sensitive, while increasing their size and making them throb! You’ll feel the pull most at your nipple tips, packed with nerve endings. Pulling and tugging on Oxballs Bubbles adds even more feeling. Oxballs has carefully selected the optimal silicone firmness, for the right amount of grip and flexibility.

NOTE: Each Bubbles purchase includes 2 silicone suckers of the same size. You must choose between Bubbles regular size and Bubbles Max size (the larger set). Please see the dimensions below when choosing which size Bubbles you need!

  • Silicone nipple suckers
  • For throbbing sensation & increased size
  • Set of 2 suckers, you choose which size
  • Wide lip for stronger suction
  • High-quality silicone is safe against your skin
  • Flexible silicone improves the seal
  • Bubbles outside help you grip with your fingers
  • Pull & tug to add more feeling
  • Handmade in California


Bubbles regular size: Height: 1.5 inches: Width: 1.15 inches; Length: 1.15 inches; Outside circumference: 3.5 inches; Outside diameter: 1.15 inches; Inside circumference: 1.6 inches; Inside diameter: 0.65 inches; Inside max. depth: 1.25 inches

Bubbles Max size: Height: 2.25 inches; Width: 1.75 inches; Length: 1.75 inches; Outside circumference: 5.5 inches; Outside diameter: 1.75 inches; Inside circumference: 3.15 inches; Inside diameter: 1 inch; Inside max. depth: 1.9 inches

Oxballs says: **Measurements are as accurate as possible, our liquid silicone toys are handmade so slight size variations can occur.

Available in Black or Eggplant (regular size); or Black (Max size).

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