Oxballs Clone Duo 2-Pack Ball Stretcher


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Oxballs Clone Duo 2-Pack Ball Stretcher

Super ball stretching! The Oxballs Clone Duo 2-Pack is designed by the ball-stretching masters at Oxballs, to squeeze and stretch and feel so good around your sack. Use the funnel shape downward, circling your testicles — or flip it for more push-down. Stack both Clones at once for extreme stretching!

The Clone Duo’s tightest point is right where you want it on the ballsack, while the flared end is created for comfort. The Clone Duo is super-soft, stretchy, and weighty for more pull. It’s been thoroughly tested by Oxballs for wearability and fun feeling.

NOTE: Each Clone Duo purchase includes two ball-stretchers, both in the same size of your choice. Please see the dimensions below to select between regular size and HUGE size Clone Duos.

Oxballs Clone Duos are created in small batches in California, from platinum silicone. They warm to body temperature fast and offer an incredible stretch. 

  • Ultimate ball-stretching ring pack
  • For maximum stretching sensation
  • Super-stretchy, elastic silicone for comfort
  • Grip around the testicles
  • Reversible: use cone up or down
  • Or double up: Wear both Clone Duos at once!
  • Pushes the balls downward for a longer look
  • Weighty feel
  • Warms to body temp. and becomes like part of your package
  • Non-irritating; perfect for long-term wear
  • 2 stretchers per purchase: choose between regular & huge size
  • Made in the USA


Regular Size: Height: 1.4 inches; Height 2-pieces nested: 2 inches; Height 2-pieces stacked: 2.8 inches; Width: 2.4 inches; Length: 2.4 inches; Outside circumference (narrow end): 5.4 inches; Outside circumference (widest end): 7.5 inches; Outside diameter (narrow end): 1.6 inches; Outside diameter (widest end): 2.4 inches; Inside circumference (smallest opening): 2.9 inches; Inside circumference (widest opening): 4.1 inches; Inside diameter (smallest opening): 0.9 inches; Inside diameter (widest opening): 1.3 inches

Huge size: Height: 1.65 inches; Height 2-pieces nested: 2.5 inches; Height 2-pieces stacked: 3.3 inches; Width: 2.75 inches; Length: 2.75 inches; Outside circumference (narrow end): 6.1 inches; Outside circumference (widest end): 8.5 inches; Outside diameter (narrow end): 1.9 inches; Outside diameter (widest end): 2.75 inches; Inside circumference (smallest opening): 3.6 inches; Inside circumference (widest opening): 4.75 inches; Inside diameter (smallest opening): 1.15 inches; Inside diameter (widest opening): 1.5 inches

Available in Black-Black (regular size) or Black-Blue (Huge size).

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