Oxballs Grinder Ball Stretcher


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Oxballs Grinder Ball Stretcher

The Oxballs Grinder is a thick ball stretcher that’s blubbery soft. Made of pure platinum silicone, Oxballs cock rings and ball stretchers are 100% safe against the skin for longer wear. They warm to body temperature fast and offer just the right amount of stretch. 

Grinder features a sexy geometric design outside and is thicker in the middle to keep your balls down. This is Grinder-2, a larger size made for medium to big balls and ballsacks. 

  • Platinum silicone ball stretcher
  • Super-stretchy, elastic silicone
  • Thicker in the middle to keep your balls low
  • Warms to body temp. and becomes like part of your package
  • Non-irritating; perfect for long-term wear
  • Perfect for larger balls and low-hanging sacks
  • Made in the USA

Dimensions: 1.75” height; 1.375” inside diameter; 2.625” outside diameter

Available in black. 


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