Oxballs Hognips 2 Nipple Suckers


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Oxballs Hognips 2 Nipple Suckers

Extra-large nipple suckers, Oxballs Hognips 2 are made to suck—for big, pierced, and/or pumped nips. Made for enhanced male nipples, large enough to fit on most female nipples too, Hognips 2 have a wide lip for better suction.

Hognips 2 are crafted of silicone in California, in fiery red and black marbled colors. Designed to be an optimal firmness, so you get exactly the right amount of grip and flexibility. Hognips 2 will take your nipple suction to a new, larger level!

  • Silicone nipple suckers
  • Wide lip for more suction
  • Extra Large: 2 inches deep
  • Flexible silicone maximizes grip
  • Devilish red & black marble
  • Handmade in California

Dimensions: 1.625 inches inner diameter / 4.9 inches circumference; 2.25 inches inner depth; 2.75 inches total length & 2.1 inches total width; 2.23 inches diameter / 7 inches circumference total (outside measurements)

 Available in Red & Black Swirl.


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