Oxballs Nubber – C-Ring and Butt Plug Combo


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Oxballs Nubber Asslock & Cock Ring

Oxballs at its best: A platinum silicone plug + cock ring combo. The Nubber’s plug is designed for prostate stimulation as you stroke: The JO motion carries back to the beaded plug. Its cherry-tomato-sized top bead features a soft stimulation point, for delightful sensation.

The Nubber by Oxballs is made of smooshy-soft platinum silicone. It warms to body temperature and is ultimately comfortable. The Nubber’s soft ring grips the penis, but does not constrict excessively. 

Wear the Oxballs Nubber during sex, or to feel more during solo stroking.

Oxballs creates cock, ball, and anal toys in the United States. Before production, all toys are tested on “free-range employees”!

  • Prostate-targeted butt plug + cock ring combo
  • Smooshy-soft silicone
  • Bumpy plug has a prostate-seeking curve
  • Stretchy extension between plug and C-ring
  • Add more feeling to sex or jerking off
  • Ring grips but is not super-tight
  • Handmade platinum silicone
  • Produced & tested in the USA


4.5 inches largest plug circumference; 3.5 inches smallest plug circumference;

5.5 inches cock ring inner circumference; 8 inches cock ring outer circumference;

4.5 inches from cock ring to plug; 8 inches total toy length


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