Oxballs Pig-Hole Deep Hollow Anal Plug 2 Sizes



Oxballs Pig-Hole Deep Hollow Anal Plug 2 Sizes

Oxballs’ Pig-Hole Deep is a premium hollow tunnel plug made of soft, screwable silicone. Pig-Hole Deep will keep you open and ready for penetration. It stretches your sphincters for easiest access while letting you feel the thrusts, wider and deeper. The toy’s flared base and knot ensure it locks in place inside you. 

The Pig-Hole Deep 1 is the size of an average butt plug but can stretch to a thick 7.25” circumference. The larger size, Deep 2, is perfect for fisting and/or fitting large penises or sex toys. 

Made in the USA of pure platinum-cure silicone, the Oxballs Pig-Hole Deep Fuckplug is easy to clean and durable. 

  • Premium hollow butt plug
  • Designed to keep the ass open as you play
  • Soft & fuckable, but sturdy for safety
  • Flared base & knot lock it in place
  • 2 sizes
  • 100% platinum cure silicone
  • Body-safe & made to last


Pig-Hole Deep 1: 6” total length; 5” usable length; from 5.25” to 7.5” usable circumference; 1.5” inside diameter

Pig-Hole Deep 2: 7.5” total length; 6.5” usable length; from 6.5” to 9” usable circumference; 2” inside diameter

Available in red or blueballs.

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