Oxballs Screamer Anal Stretching Butt Plug, 2 Sizes


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Oxballs Screamer Butt Plug, 2 Sizes

Oh, snap! Oxballs Screamer plugs have a mouth that pops open after it’s pushed into your hole. Made of soft silicone, Screamer is for anyone who wants to learn to wear truly BIG plugs long-term. Due to the ribbing inside its mouth, the Screamer plug will naturally expand to its widest diameter if left to its own devices.

The Oxballs Screamer plug is available in 2 sizes, each with a flared base. Screamer I is the size of a pool ball when closed, but gets up to 9 inches around (2.86″ diameter) when spread open. Screamer II is the size of a baseball when closed, or 10.25 circumference after it spreads open.

Please note: These toys are for the experienced anal adventurer, and we recommend lubing them up well before use! Consider the size specifications carefully, as we don’t accept returns.

  • Silicone spreader butt plug
  • Snaps open once fully inserted
  • Made for training to take extreme-size plugs
  • Softer silicone for a feel that’s smooth but pliant
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Handcrafted in the USA from platinum silicone
  • Safely flared base


Screamer I (smaller size): 4.5” smallest usable circumference (mouth closed); 7.5” largest usable circumference (mouth closed); 9” largest usable circumference (mouth open); 4” usable length; 4.75” total length

Screamer II (larger size): 5” smallest usable circumference (mouth closed); 9” largest usable circumference (mouth closed); 10.25” largest usable circumference (mouth open); 4.75” usable length; 5.5” total length

Available in red or black.

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